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Frequently Asked Questions

Discovery Communications has prepared this FAQ document to answer questions that you might have, as plans are being made to attend the upcoming Celebration of Sales and Operational Excellence Awards Program at The Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, Bahamas.  Please contact Lisa Milligan or Brian Bennett with any additional questions.

Question 1

How do I book my air travel arrangements to and from the Bahamas?

Once you have determined who your guest for the event will be, please contact Lisa Milligan.  Lisa will assist you with identifying flight options, selecting your itinerary, and booking your roundtrip airfare.  Airfare will be billed directly to the company at no out-of-pocket cost to you.

Question 2

What class of airline seating/service can I book for my guest and me?

You may book up to premium economy seating for your round-trip flight with our compliments.

Question 3

Do I need to book my own hotel reservation at the Atlantis Resort?

No.  Discovery Life Sciences will submit a rooming list to Atlantis to reserve your accommodations at The Cove Atlantis.

Question 4

Upon arriving at the Lynden Pindling International Airport (Nassau International    Airport NAS) in the Bahamas, do my guest and I have to arrange for ground transportation to the Atlantis Resort?


Based on your air travel itinerary, ground transportation services will be reserved for you in your name.  Once you have arrived at baggage claim, look for the driver holding signage with your name on it and identify yourself to the driver.  Discovery will make ground transportation arrangements for you and your guest for your arrival and departure from the Atlantis Resort.

Question 5

When checking into the Atlantis Resort, do I have to provide a credit card at the front desk for incidentals?

No.  All resort charges except for the purchase of merchandise on property may be billed to your room and will be paid directly by the company. 

Question 6

Are there any expenses that I will be expected to cover on my own/out-of-pocket during the visit?

We strive to create an unforgettable experience in your honor as we celebrate Sales and Operational Excellence.  In addition to the trip to Atlantis, it is our pleasure to award each award winner with a one-time, gross cash award of $1,000.00 US to be paid in your country’s first payroll in May (actual net amount of the cash award may vary depending upon withholdings and any elected payroll deductions).  This cash award is intended to cover any incidentals incurred relative to your visit to Atlantis (including personal car mileage, home airport parking, ground transportation other than round-trip transfers between the Nassau Airport and Atlantis, gift shop/resort apparel charges, and any meals or entertainment enjoyed off-site from the Atlantis Resort premises).
Airfare and round-trip transportation between the Nassau Airport and Atlantis Resort will be billed directly to the company for you and your guest.  Additionally, lodging (and associated fees/taxes), recreational activities booked through the Atlantis Resort, and any meals enjoyed at the Atlantis Resort may be charged to your room and will be billed to Discovery’s Master Account.  The cash award is intended to cover any/all other expenses that you may incur relative to your visit.

Question 7

Can I place charges on my corporate or personal credit card and expense them through Concur in the usual manner?

We want you to enjoy yourself and have a great time during your stay in Celebration of Sales and Operational Excellence – you’ve earned it!  As such, we do not want you to be burdened by the need to complete an expense report for any charges upon completion of your visit.  Therefore, as mentioned previously, most of the charges are being paid directly by Discovery (see above).  Additionally, we have arranged for a one-time, gross cash award of $1,000.00 US to be paid to each winner (see Q6 above) to cover any incidental charges.  As such, no Concur/expense reports will be needed or processed.

Question 8

What is a premium recreational activity?  How does it differ from other leisure activities?


Premium recreational activities are those activities available at Atlantis during your stay for a fee.  Premium activities include spa treatments, golf, and fee-based aquatic-oriented activities.  Our guests may select two premium recreational activities to enjoy during their stay at Atlantis between Tuesday, June 6th, and Thursday, June 8th, with our compliments.


Leisure activities are those available throughout the Atlantis Resort (for example, Aquaventure) for you to enjoy at no additional cost.

Question 9

How do I book premium recreational activities?


To book premium recreational activities for you and your guest, simply select your two activities and the dates on which you would like to enjoy them.  Then, contact Lisa Milligan to let her know what activities to book for you and your guest for those days.  Premium recreational activities are based on availability - the sooner you book, the better!

Question 10

Will Discovery provide any monetary credit for play in the casino?  Can I take out a credit marker at the casino for a certain amount and charge that or to the Discovery Master Account?  Can I substitute the value of a covered recreational activity, e.g., spa package, for casino credit?

The Atlantis Casino is a leisure activity that you and/or your guest may enjoy as you wish at any time.  However, Discovery is not providing or covering casino credit in any of the scenarios mentioned or otherwise.

Question 11

Does my guest have to choose the same premium recreational activity that I select? Can my guest enjoy one premium recreational activity while I enjoy another?

You and your guest may enjoy the available activities as you wish.  For example, if you would prefer to book a spa service as a premium recreational activity one day while your guest would prefer to play a round of golf on that same day, that is perfectly acceptable.  


Please contact Lisa Milligan to book premium recreational activities for you and your guest (two activities per guest).

Question 12

My guest and I are interested in booking recreational activities other than what is available on the menu provided.  Can we swap a listed recreational activity from the menu for credit or partial credit toward an unlisted activity otherwise?

While you are free to enjoy your time in the Bahamas as you like, we are only able to bill charges to our hotel master account for the noted recreational activities previously announced on our activities menu.

Question 13

My guest and I are planning to arrive early on Monday, June 5th.  Can we check in early (before 4 PM local time)?

The ability to check in early is entirely at the discretion of the Atlantis Resort based upon availability.  They are generally able to accommodate guests in this respect. However, it is mostly dependent on the number of rooms sold for the night of June 4th, which impacts the earlier availability of rooms on June 5th.


If your room is not ready at the time of your arrival at the resort, you may check your luggage with the bell stand and enjoy the rest of your day until the time at which your room becomes available.

Question 14

If I wish to purchase any merchandise or resort apparel from the gift shop, spa, or golf pro shop, can I charge that to my hotel room?

If you would like to purchase merchandise of any kind from any of the Atlantis Resort’s retail outlets, you may do so using the gross cash award of $1,000.00 US, as previously mentioned, or you may charge it to a personal credit card.  Please do not charge merchandise to your room/master account.

Question 15

What is the dress code for the Welcome Reception and the Awards Dinner?

Both of these events have a resort casual dress code.  Should you have any questions about the dress code, please ask.

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