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To Do List
It's as easy as one, two, three...(four, five).


Determine who your guest will be.

Hopefully, this is an easy-to-do item!  Who are you taking on the journey to help you celebrate your big moment?

Once you decide who the lucky guest is, please contact Lisa Milligan to let her know to add your guest to our event's guest list.


Confirm the status of necessary visa/passport documentation for you and your guest.

Is this documentation current and ready for travel for you and your guest?  If not, please complete this process immediately!

Also, let Lisa know the passport/visa status for you and your guest.


Identify your preferred flight options and contact Lisa to book air travel.

You may search travel websites such as Kayak for flight options or contact Lisa for assistance to explore flight availability.

Lisa will book your flights for you, which will be billed directly to the company at no out-of-pocket cost to you.

And enjoy premium economy seating during your flights with our compliments.

Please book accordingly to arrive at Atlantis with enough time to join us for the Celebration of Operational Excellence Welcome Reception on Monday, June 5th at 7 PM.


Provide us with your preferred email address and mobile phone number so that we can contact you during the Celebration of Sales and Operational Excellence event.

Don't worry... we promise not to bother you unnecessarily, but just in case!  Please share this information with Lisa.


Review the recreational activities available through the Atlantis Resort and contact Lisa to book them.

You will be treated to two premium (fee-based) recreational activities during your stay at Atlantis (e.g., the spa, golf, aquatic adventures, etc.). 


For example, you may select one

premium recreational activity to enjoy on Tuesday, June 6th, and a second premium recreational activity to enjoy on Wednesday, June 7th, with our compliments.  Or, should you prefer, you may schedule your premium activities for Tuesday and Thursday or Wednesday and Thursday.  Keep in mind that these activities are based on availability.  So, the sooner you connect with Lisa to book them, the better.


Please note that any recreational activities scheduled for Wednesday, June 7th, will need to be completed in time for you to arrive at the Celebration of Sales and Operational Excellence Awards Banquet at 7 PM.

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